Energy-Efficient Secondary Glazing for Edinburgh Homes

At Eco Windows & Doors, we are experts in the supply and installation of top-quality secondary glazing from our base in Edinburgh.

We provide a wide range of frames to choose from, so there is something for every style of property.

Eco Windows & Doors, complemented by our sister company Eco Sash and Case, is a three-generation family business that provides a full design and installation service for windows and doors in Edinburgh, the Lothians, Borders and Fife.

With secondary glazing, an additional window is installed alongside the original window. Its main purpose is to help reduce noise and insulate the windows, just like double glazing.

Why Secondary Glazing is Popular in Listed Buildings

Secondary glazing is particularly popular in period homes that are listed buildings or in conservation areas.

Many of these buildings have planning restrictions on installing double-glazed windows. No planning consents are required for secondary glazing, and it does not affect the character and aesthetics of the building, making it an excellent alternative to double glazing.

Our range of secondary glazing comes in a wide range of styles, with frames made from uPVC, aluminium and timber, making it the perfect complement to your existing windows.

Secondary glazing is the perfect solution for your home if you live in one of Edinburgh’s traditional properties. Sash windows look beautiful and the discreet finish does not interfere with the historic charm of your property.

By choosing secondary glazing, you can retain the original style of the building because it blends in seamlessly.

Choose from a Wide Range of Secondary Glazing Styles

You can choose from a wide selection of secondary glazing frames, so you’re sure to find exactly what you need for your home or office. These include:

  • Fixed
  • Hinged
  • Lift Out
  • Vertically Sliding
  • Tilting Vertically Sliding
  • Horizontally Sliding
A young boy and his dog look out of double-glazed windows

Why Choose Our Secondary Glazing Systems?

Secondary glazing provides thermal insulation for your home to reduce heat loss by up to 65%, making your property cosier during cold winter months and significantly reducing your energy bills.

Other reasons why secondary glazing is so popular are:

  • Secondary glazing helps reduce the condensation on your windows and reduces draughts.
  • It also reduces noise by up to 80% better than other glazing, so well worth considering if you live next to a busy road.
  • The robust frames and locks mean it provides extra security for your home.
  • As a long-term solution, it’s also a sustainable and eco-friendly option for your property.
  • On top of that, secondary glazing is quick and easy to install – considerably cheaper than installing double glazing.
  • In short, homeowners choose secondary glazed windows because they’re quiet, warm and secure.

Get a Quote for Secondary Glazing in Edinburgh

If you think secondary glazing sounds like a good option for your home or office, contact us today and we will be happy to provide you with a free, no-obligation quote. We’ll also be pleased to provide you with any advice to help you make the best decision about your windows.